Ubuntu Releases

The following releases of Ubuntu are available:

We are happy to provide hosting for the following projects via the cdimage server. While they are not commercially supported by Canonical, they receive full support from their communities.

The cdimage server also hosts releases of other Ubuntu images not found on this server, such as builds for less popular architectures and other non-standard and unsupported images. For Ubuntu Desktop and Server on popular architectures, please see the links above instead.

For old releases, see old-releases.ubuntu.com.

Index of /ubuntu-cd/17.10/

Index of /ubuntu-cd/17.10/

FOOTER.html                                        12-Jan-2018 05:38      27
HEADER.html                                        12-Jan-2018 05:38    2599
MD5SUMS                                            12-Jan-2018 05:38     198
MD5SUMS-metalink                                   12-Jan-2018 05:38     213
MD5SUMS-metalink.gpg                               12-Jan-2018 05:38     916
MD5SUMS.gpg                                        12-Jan-2018 05:38     916
SHA1SUMS                                           12-Jan-2018 05:38     222
SHA1SUMS.gpg                                       12-Jan-2018 05:38     916
SHA256SUMS                                         12-Jan-2018 05:38     294
SHA256SUMS.gpg                                     12-Jan-2018 05:38     916
ubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.iso                   05-Jan-2018 20:55      1G
ubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent           12-Jan-2018 05:38     56K
ubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync             12-Jan-2018 05:37      3M
ubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.list                  05-Jan-2018 20:55    7702
ubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.manifest              05-Jan-2018 20:51     56K
ubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.metalink              12-Jan-2018 05:38     50K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-amd64.img                    08-Jan-2018 05:10    754M
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-amd64.iso                    08-Jan-2018 05:10    754M
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-amd64.iso.torrent            12-Jan-2018 05:36     30K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-amd64.iso.zsync              12-Jan-2018 05:36      1M
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-amd64.jigdo                  12-Jan-2018 05:36    144K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-amd64.list                   08-Jan-2018 05:10    105K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-amd64.metalink               12-Jan-2018 05:38     50K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-amd64.template               08-Jan-2018 05:10    131M
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-i386.img                     08-Jan-2018 05:11    751M
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-i386.iso                     08-Jan-2018 05:11    751M
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-i386.iso.torrent             12-Jan-2018 05:36     30K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-i386.iso.zsync               12-Jan-2018 05:36      1M
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-i386.jigdo                   12-Jan-2018 05:36    142K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-i386.list                    08-Jan-2018 05:11    103K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-i386.metalink                12-Jan-2018 05:38     49K
ubuntu-17.10.1-server-i386.template                08-Jan-2018 05:11     89M